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Helping lawyers to have better businesses and more satisfying careers.

The legal profession keeps getting more and more competitive.  Legal services are increasingly regarded as commodities, to be purchased on price.  To gain competitive advantage, you need to differentiate yourself and your firm from others in your category.  

Your ability to position yourself as an expert in your field and promote your services is crucial to a successful career in legal practice.

You studied long and hard to become a lawyer.  The early years of learning your "craft" are tough.  Now it's time to reap the rewards of all that expense and effort, and design the career you really want.  Don't get stuck on a career plateau - keep on forcing that learning curve upwards!

Create a career for yourself in which you feel valued and that you are making an important contribution.

Legal Circles is a specialist consultancy practice for the legal profession.  The Principal, Shelley Dunstone, has immersed herself in the legal profession for more than thirty years, as practitioner, educator, author, recruiter, marketer and career mentor.  She understands the challenges faced daily by lawyers in private practice.  Shelley presents at international law conferences, where she mixes with lawyers from around the world, learning about best-practice and innovative new ideas.

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