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More than ever before, success in legal practice is determined by your ability to attract and keep clients.  Lawyers who bring business into the firm get paid more, are promoted more quickly and are less likely to lose their jobs when the economy declines.

By building your practice you’re boosting your legal career. 

The market has become much more competitive and “doing good work” is no longer a sufficient marketing strategy.  In my experience, many lawyers gravely underestimate the importance of being a business-getter, or think it’s too hard.  They often say “But I’m no good at marketing”.   Often what they really mean is - "I don't like marketing".

Marketing is not hard – if you find the right approach for you.  Most lawyers are not natural “rainmakers”.  Lawyers who are good at it simply learn and apply the skills they need.  There’s a lot that you can learn, and it will make the task of marketing your legal services a lot easier.

"Build Your Legal Practice" offers ideas and insights in nine areas that will help you to have a more successful and satisfying legal career:

  1. Innovate in your strategy - design the future direction of your practice.
  2. Know your strengths – understand the personal value proposition you can offer.
  3. Build your network – increase the number of people who know what you do. Do business with people you like.
  4. Understand your market – see the world through the eyes of your clients.
  5. Create conversations – become the trusted adviser in your clients’ lives.
  6. Develop your content – identify the unique wisdom you have to offer.
  7. Publish in print – write articles that people want to read.
  8. Present with impact – be the most interesting lawyer on the seminar program.
  9. Develop others – build a team around you so you can focus on higher-value work and relationship-building.



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