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Build Your Legal Practice
Online Resource Library

A treasure-trove of ideas and insights to help you build your practice



The Online Resource Library is for you if:

  • You’re a private-practice lawyer
  • You’re busy, with billing targets to meet and little time for marketing
  • You are ambitious, and hungry for career success
  • You’d like to have a more enjoyable and fulfilling legal career
  • You need to stretch your marketing budget as far as possible
  • You find it difficult to commit to professional development at fixed times.

It’s perfect as a self-coaching tool, or to find a starting point for a “mentoring conversation” with a junior lawyer.  Dip in whenever it’s convenient for you, and select the topic that’s most relevant for you at the time. 

You can access the library at any time, through one single portal.

The collection is constantly growing, so there will always be something new.

You’ll learn how to:

  • position yourself as the go-to expert in your chosen field of practice
  • attract the type of work you most enjoy
  • attract the type of clients you like to work with
  • promote  your services in a way that feels authentic, without being pushy or intrusive
  • enjoy marketing, instead of dreading it.

It’s like having a friend who understands your job and offers helpful advice, right when you need it. 

The materials are provided in a variety of media, such as articles, audio recordings, videos and slide-shows, so you can choose the format that suits you best.

The resources are arranged in the following 10 categories:

Start with a strategy - plan the future direction of your legal practice

Set goals - establish and follow a plan for success

Be productive - make the best use of your time

Think innovatively - find new ways to serve your clients

Build your network - increase the number of people who know what you do

Connect with your market - see the world through the eyes of your clients

Know what you know - utilize the unique wisdom that you have to offer

Publish your expertise - showcase the value you can offer

Present with impact - be the most interesting speaker on the seminar program

Mentor your team - build their skills so you can build your practice

About the creator of the “Build Your Legal Practice” Online Resource Library

Shelley Dunstone is an Australian lawyer and former law firm partner who also holds qualifications in Marketing.  For three decades she has immersed herself in the legal profession as practitioner, educator, author, recruiter, career mentor and practice development consultant.  This means she knows what law firms expect of their lawyers, and what it takes to get ahead.  She understands the work lawyers do, the challenges they face in their daily lives and the aspirations they have for their careers.



You studied for years and have worked hard to become a capable lawyer.  You deserve to get a good return on that investment of effort.  Don’t get stuck on a career plateau or suffer from burnout.  You spend a lot of time at work, so it makes sense to design your career rather than simply allow it to develop by chance.

The legal industry keeps getting more competitive.  Legal services are increasingly regarded as a commodity.  Don’t allow yourself to become a commodity!  Your success in private legal practice is largely determined by your ability to attract clients.  It’s insurance for your career.

You can subscribe to the “Build Your Legal Practice” Online Resource Library for just AUD$9.95 per month or AUD$99 per year (+ GST if you’re in Australia).  It costs less than one coffee per week, and you can cancel at any time.

When you subscribe you’ll receive an email to let you know this month’s password, so you can enter the Library straight away and start exploring. 

Each month you’ll receive notification of the new password.  In addition, you can obtain the current password by using the “Forgotten password?” field on the Library home page.

If you have any questions or need help with your order, or ever have any issues in relation to the Online Resource Library, please phone Shelley Dunstone on +61 8 8407 3532 or email