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Shelley Dunstone founded Legal Circles in 2001, to help lawyers have better businesses and more satisfying careers.  Her passion is to help people make the most of their unique skills so they can have a career they truly enjoy.  She hates to see talent wasted.
The practice of Law is inherently reactive; the client presents with a problem, which the lawyer attempts to resolve.   You tend to do the work that comes through the door, rather than selecting your work.  Lawyers tend to see themselves as one of a "category" and find it difficult to influence the type of work they attract.  Shelley helps lawyers to design their careers and attract more of the work they want to do, from clients they want to work with.
Shelley was admitted as a lawyer in 1981 and practised in a variety of legal fields before specializing in commercial litigation.  She has been a partner of a mid-sized Australian commercial law firm, and has also freelanced as a "locum" lawyer, providing extra capacity to help small firms and sole practitioners to deal with substantial litigation matters.  Shelley has taught practical skills to Law graduates and has published a textbook, "A Practical Guide to Drafting Pleadings".
In addition to her credentials in Law, Shelley holds formal qualifications in Marketing, majoring in Business Strategy.
Shelley offers keynote presentations, in-house seminars, individual mentoring, facilitation and writing services.


Shelley presenting at the International Bar Association Conference in Madrid, October 2009

Shelley is the author of:

A Practical Guide to Drafting Pleadings
Thomson Reuters

A Practical Guide to Drafting Pleadings provides a fresh approach to the process of drafting pleadings. Shelly Dunstone provides an insight into the functions and objectives of pleadings and suggests tools to help approach the task of drafting pleadings. The book will be helpful for those who are required to prepare pleadings, those who are learning to draft pleadings and those who want to improve their skills. A Practical Guide to Drafting Pleadings aims to give practitioners the confidence to draft a simple pleading from first principles.

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